Will Smith is now working on himself and, according to his friend and colleague Kevin Hart, mentally feels better. And yet, neither the injured comedian nor the actor who hit him are in a hurry to be frank with the press. The expert explained why, in his opinion, these two are silent and how it will end.

“I think this is all a big deal to promote the award and generally attract attention. Cancellation culture almost didn’t work in Will Smith’s case. This story puts him in a noble light, as he defended his wife, and in general, the showdown between two men does not attract attention so much, ”said journalist Georgy Ivashchenko in an interview with PopCornNews .

They have not yet reconciled simply because it is necessary to maintain the correct pause, the expert believes. In his opinion, by the end of the year, or, perhaps, waiting for a suitable informational occasion, project or contract, they will already announce something. In such a case, Ivashchenko noted, it is important to dose the information in order to attract attention again after a while.

At the same time, the expert is sure that Will Smith will not lose anything in the end:

“Of course he will be forgiven. He is a charming lop-eared man who has proven himself very well. And given that he is African American, no one will dare to cancel it. If the public immediately rebelled against him, then in hot pursuit they could still. There was nothing like that here.”

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