After the death of his son, he plays football and the model finds happiness in children.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fiancee has finally revealed the name of her newborn daughter. The girl was called a truly fabulous name, like a princess.

“Bella Esmeralda, 180422,” Georgina Rodriguez wrote briefly on her page on the social network.

The model showed a photo of the baby. In the picture, the baby sleeps sweetly surrounded by teddy bears, putting a small pile on his cheek. The girl sees sweet dreams, so she smiles very touchingly.

Screenshot of “Georgina Rodriguez” / Social media

The couple recently went through a terrible tragedy. Georgina gave birth to her beloved twins, but one of the babies – a boy – later died. Celebrities still cannot recover from the loss, and only other children do not let their parents despair.

Together, the couple has a common daughter, Alana Martin. In addition, the athlete has three more children: Cristiano Jr., as well as twins Eva and Mateo.

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