Simon Cowell

TV presenter Simon Cowell is in big trouble. As it turned out, all these years behind the scenes of his offspring hid many unpleasant surprises.

The fact is that a whole “crowd” of ex-X Factor participants plans to sue Cowell’s company, as they were allegedly treated inappropriately on the show.

Five performers and one musical group said that it came not only to moral humiliation, but also physical. For example, one of the girls from the program even accused a certain label representative of “sexual violence”.

“Being on the show was a terrible experience. Me and five former actors have agreed to join forces and get the justice we think we deserve,” the unnamed complainant told the Sunday Mirror .

The victims hope to receive compensation in the amount of one million pounds, which is almost 71 million rubles. Also, some intend to take part in a program that will expose the ill-fated show. As for Simon Cowell, his company strongly denies any involvement in the allegations.

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