The actor who has played pop culture icons like Indiana Jones and Han Solo has a new project on the way. This will be my first time working on an episodic program.

Federico Carestia

By Federico Carestia

04/05/2022 – 00:30 UTC

04/05/2022 – 00:30 UTC

The actor is 79 years old. © GettyThe actor is 79 years old. Federico Carestia

It is becoming increasingly clear that fiction on the small screen
has gained a lot of prestige in recent years. What once seemed
once seemed totally impossible is becoming more and more common
more common: Hollywood stars are no longer afraid to accept
to accept roles in television series (or broadcasts),
and movies are not the only thing that tempts them. The
latest person to confirm this trend is Harrison
Fordwho will be added to a series of AppleTV+.

The actor who has given iconic pop culture characters like Indiana Jones in
culture, such as Indiana Jones in the films of Steven
Spielber and Han Solo in the galactic saga created by George
Lucaswill be part of a series featuring an old
star of How I Met Your Mother. It’s a show
about to start its first season and the creative mind behind it is
creative mind is Brett Goldstein (ted lasso) and Bill Laurent.

As confirmed deadline, Harrison Ford will be part of
Contractionthe AppleTV+ series that still has no start date and will play
start date and will play Jason Segel (marshal in the aforementioned
aforementioned sitcom). For the actor of Star Wars it will be the first time he will be part of a
first time he will be part of a series. Contraction It
will consist of a total of 10 episodes and focuses on the
life of a therapist who breaks the rules and starts telling his patients
his patients exactly what he thinks, ignoring the ethics of his
his profession and changing not only the lives of others but also your own.
but also your own.

By deadline, Gue has been hired to play Dr. Phil
rhodes, a focused and bold therapist, quite direct. He
is one of the pioneers of cognitive-behavioral
therapy, who has built a kind of empire with two professionals
with two professionals who are his protégés: Jimmy and Gaby.
Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease will take you out of your comfort
out of your comfort zone and put you in contact with new
new people.

Brett Goldstein, the infallible Apple TV+

One of the brains behind Contraction It will be no more and no less
less than Brett Goldstein who has experience on the
platform thanks to ted lasso, where he operates as a
writer and executive producer. It is clear that
that the platform blindly trusts this filmmaker, especially
after their recent Emmy Awards, where they won in 7 categories
in 7 categories, including best comedy series and
best supporting actor in a comedy series, which
won Goldstein.

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