The premiere of the next project with the participation of Jason Momoa will soon take place. It is not surprising if he appears in his usual image.

The actor became famous after filming in the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Despite the fact that he appeared there for only one season, Momoa managed to impress viewers and directors with his colorful appearance.

After the success in the Game of Thrones, offers rained down on the actor. Another successful project in his filmography was Aquaman. And recently, the Apple TV + service announced the continuation of the series “See”, where Momoa is also removed.

The host of the program “The Cinema Has Started” Roman Grigoriev spoke about Jason’s popularity . In his opinion, the actor is stuck in brutal movie images.

“Still, Momoa lingered in his images. He plays such a thug – either the dream of teenage girls, or the idol of women 50+. It turns out an alternative to outdated pitching like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, ”he said in a conversation with News

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