Not only every schoolchild knows about Kim Kardashian today. Many envy her resounding success, but still do not understand why there are so many talks about her.

The Kardashian family became popular thanks to the TV show of the same name. Kim has lived in the public eye for over ten years. With the advent of social networks, she began to live for show even more, attracting the strongest attention to her person.

After an intimate video of Kim hit the Web in 2007, her popularity skyrocketed. The model began to invite men’s magazines for nude photo shoots. Shooting for the cover of Playboy became the peak.

Crowds of specialists and haters believe that Kim has changed a lot thanks to plastic surgery. What only she did not increase. At one time, the prominent part of her body became a trend – millions of women wanted “an ass like Kim’s”.

The ability to stay on the wave of hype, even when everyone around is pouring mud, is another hallmark of Kim Kardashian. The 41-year-old businesswoman never shows her weaknesses.

Kim also realized that you can and should make money on everything. So, she released a book, a mobile game, her own cosmetics, perfume, underwear and much more. Forbes estimates Kardashian’s net worth for 2022 is $1.8 billion. So she definitely does not care about criticism.

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