Hollywood actor Johnny Depp may face a new lawsuit. The artist allegedly stole someone else’s intellectual property.

Recently, Depp, along with British guitarist Jeff Beck, recorded a joint music album “18”. It would seem that the actor is successfully returning to work after a period of “cancellation”, but not without controversy.

Folklorist Bruce Jackson has claimed that Depp and Beck appropriated several lines from his 1974 book Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim. It reportedly lists toasts common among African Americans. The author worked on the collection together with former prisoner Slim Wilson. Now Jackson does not exclude that he will sue Depp, writes Rolling Stone.

“The only two lines Depp and Beck wrote were Big time motherf-r and Bust it down to my level,” Jackson said of the song.

Meanwhile, Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard is suffering from a lack of money after litigation. The actress even sold her house in Southern California.

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