Jessica Simpson often struggled with her weight in recent years. When the 41-year-old singer was expecting her three children – daughter Maxwell (in 2012), son Ace (in 2013) and daughter Birdie (in 2019) – she gained an average of about 45 kilos per pregnancy. Meanwhile, she has finally lost the same number of kilos, she reveals on social media. “I’m entirely agreeable in my skin now,” she writes. “Up to three times I have gained and lost an enormous amount of weight. I never figured this second could at any point occur, yet presently I’m at long last wearing a BIKINI!!!,” she writes. “It took me blood, sweat and tears, but I’m proud of it and shed some tears of happiness.”

Simpson revealed in a previous interview to lose weight by taking 14,000 steps a day and watching her diet. “Tune in, I’m a young lady from the southern territories of America, so I can’t live on a leaf of lettuce day in and day out. I love ‘southern comfort food.’ The only difference is that now I don’t consume the whole plate, I just consume half. It has to be fun and tasty. I also try to find my balance. Suppose I have a weekend with parties and birthdays, then I want to eat and drink what I want. And then I have to take it easy for a few days, because I have a body that thickens quickly. You know, an extra kilogram here and there doesn’t really matter to me, but I do want to stay at my weight now. That likewise improves me a mother, since I can be more dynamic when I’m lighter.”

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