Hollywood star Brad Pitt recently admitted that he is in the final stages of his acting career. The actor is 58 years old and he is increasingly appearing in films as a producer.

Film critic Valeriy Kichin told hubaalnews whether it was too early for Pitt to think about ending his career.

“This is normal acting coquetry. Many leave for years, remember how long Joseph Kobzon left the stage. If I were his director, then I would give him a turn in this venture, act in film further. A person probably understands that he is losing the charm of youth. He held on for a long time, – said Valery Kichin . – There are actors who cannot or do not want to move on to the roles of old people, comics, villains. Although we know luxurious examples of actors and actresses who found themselves anew in old age.

Kichin is sure that Pitt is one of those actors who should stay on the screen. The audience remembers many of his roles.

“One of the last ones in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood where he is witty, masterful, his early roles, to a greater extent, “Babylon” is a brilliant work, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “Troy”, “Fight Club”, “Interview with a vampire. He had an amazing job on Meet Joe Black. I highly recommend the film “The Dark Side of the Sun”, from his early works, he is absolutely not reflected there, ”said the film critic.

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