The psychologist commented on the ban on TV and Disney cartoons.

The daughter of the famous actress Tilda Swinton followed in her footsteps. On account of the young talent so far there are only three paintings, in which she got not without the help of a famous relative. Perhaps the reason for the uncertain start lies deep in childhood?

Recently, Honor Swinton-Byrne spoke about the original methods of education in her family.

“We didn’t have a TV. I have never seen films that my friends admired. I have never seen Disney cartoons, ” Peopletalk reports the words of the star.

Psychologist Andrei Zberovsky is sure that the star made a serious mistake in raising her daughter.

“This is a completely wrong strategy. The child must be in a society that has a certain cultural code. When a child is “out of touch”, he has problems with socialization, ”the specialist shared with the PopCornNews portal.

A child can take what parents read and watch above the general basic minimum, but if this minimum is not present, then he will not feel at home among his peers.

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