Fans of Hollywood films have repeatedly noted that Margot Robbie and Emma McKay are surprisingly similar, like sisters. Finally, filmmakers noticed this similarity and were even able to find a use for it.

Recently it became known about a new project with the participation of Margot. She will star in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. Now it turned out that Emma is also involved in the cast. Whom she will play is still unknown, however, due to the similarity with Robbie, it can be assumed that she got the role of the sister of the main character, according to Independent .

Ryan Gosling will also appear in the Barbie movie. For the sake of this project, the artist even went to change the image. Initially, due to employment in other films, Ryan even refused these shootings, but the bosses of Warner Bros. persuaded him, noting that it was he who should star in this picture.

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