Ezra Miller made life difficult for Warner Bros. with their antics. Now the studio bosses are trying to figure out what to do with the film “The Flash”, where the actor played a major role. Even the most radical option is being considered.

Foreign media have already written that the studio does not intend to continue working with the presumptuous Miller. The actor, suspected of harassment, kidnapping and burglary charges, looks set to say goodbye to his big-screen career. However, Warner Bros. remains in the hands of the film with his participation, which has already spent 200 million dollars.

“The studio is considering three options: 1) Ezra Miller is forcibly sent to treatment, and then gives an exculpatory interview; 2) The Flash film will be released without a promotional campaign; 3) If the situation with Miller worsens, then the film will be canceled in principle. There is no way to reshoot the movie because Ezra appears in almost every scene. It’s easier for a studio to “kill” a movie,” The Hollywood Reporter says .

At the same time, it is noted that the latter option will be unprecedented in the history of the industry, since no one has yet thrown such an expensive project into the trash.

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